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• Nano-silicon powder has high purity, small particle size distribution, high specific surface area.
• Melting point can reach up to 1410 °C, boiling point at 2355 °C, ionization energy 8.1515 EV.
• Non-toxic, odorless, high surface activity. New generation of photoelectric semiconductor materials with wide energy gap. It can also be used as high-power light source materials.

• Color: Ochre
• Purity: >98.75%
• Average Particle Size: 100 nm
• Crystal Phase: Polycrystalline
• Specific Surface Area: 22 m2/g
• Zeta Potential: -18.5 mV
• Loose Loading Density: 0.08 g/cm3
Catalog No.SizeAmount1Price($) 
Si-100-0001100 nm1 g38.00
Si-100-0005100 nm5 g72.00
Si-100-0025100 nm25 g170.00
Si-100-0100100 nm100 g379.00
Si-100-1000100 nm1 kg3029.00
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