About Us

2Witech Solutions LLC was formed in 2019 by experienced entrepreneurial scientists and engineers with strong backgrounds in nanomaterial R&D and technology commercialization. The principals of the company have proven track records of implementing government-funded projects and converting developed technologies to commercial products. The company’s mission is to provide market leading sensing products for water monitoring and contamination detection. These products are based on a molecularly engineered platform technology and serve the water and wastewater treatment industries. Our technical competencies stem from fundamental research in the preparation, modification, and manipulation of nano-building blocks, including molecular and nano-structures. The company has developed unique capabilities to synthesize and manipulate multi-functional nanostructures including nanoparticles, nanorods, and nanotubes on a large scale and at low cost. In addition, we have developed methods to modify the surfaces of these nanostructures in order to facilitate the synthesis of designed composite matrix materials. Our patent-protected nanomaterials and processes offer unparalleled benefits in scalability, uniformity, purity, and cost, creating value for our customers. 2Witech’s revenues include SBIR grants and contracts from EPA, DOD, DOE, USDA and NSF, non-SBIR contracts, commercial sales, and consulting services.